Last week’s Second Line Umbrella’s were a hit!

One of the fun and creative things I get to do in my job is make second line umbrellas.  I talk to each couple about their colors, any special symbols or meaningful markings, and what style they feel suits them best.  These two umbrellas are very different, as you can see!  One is for a wedding couple and one is for a corporate event.  The couple used the graphic from a favorite movie as part of their wedding photo.  I was able to take that image and print it on fabric transfers to add it to their umbrella.  The corporate client’s company colors were “blue and white with pops of teal”. I used the ribbon and accoutrements to fit in with their signature colors.

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Check out Instagram @allabouteventsnola to see more photos from these events

and let me know if I can create a custom umbrella for you!

One thought on “Last week’s Second Line Umbrella’s were a hit!

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